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I’ve been asked this question several times since we expanded a section of our Times Square store to make room for a special Warner Bros. DVD pop-up store. I guess I’m somewhere between “An American In Paris” and “300” — so I’m finding the 400 sq. foot interactive Warner Bros. 85th Anniversary store more like a mini-movie museum than a typical DVD – flip-the-bins type shop. The store is complete with a red carpet – and a huge flat screen that shows cool movie clips from WB’s 85 years in the moviemaking biz. Now all I need is a Lazy Boy recliner and a box of Red Vines and I might not ever leave. Come check it out for yourself…or click on this YouTube link to see a sneak peak.

BTW…what is your favorite movie of all time?

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August 7, 2008 at 2:09 pm (Uncategorized)

So we’ve uploaded the video to YouTube of thieves dressed in black breaking and entering our Hollywood and Highland location – maybe you can solve the clues and win a reward. http://www.youtube.com/VirginMegaUSA
The “bandits” have “stolen” our Virgin Mega Bird art-collection, designed by famed LA street graphic artist, David Browne. We’ve been told that the Birds are being held for “ransom” in three U.S. Cities: LA, San Francisco and NYC. So it’s time for you to play investigator and join in our scavenger hunt. There are 30 birds in total missing — we’re offering between $100 – $1000 reward for each returned. Hurry now. Time is a wastin’. Go to http://www.VirginMegaMashup.com to view the video and find the clues. To help rein in help from you all – we sent out our call sign… a la Batman style…with this 4-story projection of the Virgin Bird on Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd. Perhaps you saw it?

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