Team Edward or Team Jacob?

November 13, 2008 at 7:44 am (Maureen Lewis, Times Square Store) (, , , )

The success of the Twilight series of books by Stephanie Meyer took many by surprise. After Harry Potter, no one thought that there could be another fiction series that would excite a teen reader and create such a fan frenzy. Catherine Hardwicke was handpicked to direct the first movie “Twilight” and the secret was out- everyone is picking up the books and enjoying them. The movie opens November 21 and the early buzz is very positive. Virgin Megastore Time Square has some of the actual fashions worn in the movie on display right now. Twilight tees and accessories are available for a limited time in all stores, and don’t forget to pick up the awesome movie soundtrack with artists like Muse, Paramore and Linkin Park contributing. If you haven’t read the book, we offer all 4 at the store. My buying team is all hooked and they highly recommend the adventures & love story of Bella & Edward!


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March 30, 2008 at 5:38 pm (Maureen Lewis) (, , , )

There has been a lot of snickering going on in our buying office of late. This has to do with all the attention we are paying to the newest tween phenomenons. The vibe is a bit different around here, as our day is typically spent looking at classic rock tee shirts and pop culture fashion. Now we are expanding our education and learning about Hannah Montana, Cheetah Girls, High School Musical and the Jonas Brothers. Our stores have been begging for merchandise to keep up with young customer demands. So much to the protests of my sophisticated group, I declared that we are going to ‘the young side’.

To win the argument democratically, I regaled my team with stories of long ago I would go to a 7-Eleven, buy the latest Tiger Beat with allowance money and read every statistic about David Cassidy, Peter Brady and Leif Garret. Suddenly my buyers remembered their crushes on Corey Feldman, Corey Haim and Ralph Macchio (and anyone who was in The Outsiders). That created a little more enthusiasm for the project. Once we got samples for t-shirts, bags, caps, candy and other accessories, we realized we would make moms and tweens very happy and that made us smile. Now everyone can find something cool & trendy to wear while shopping in our Virgin Megastores. First delivery is coming in late April. As Miley says” I can’t wait to see you again”.

Ciao, Maureen



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The Classic Tee

March 19, 2008 at 8:51 am (Maureen Lewis) (, , , )

I’m not going to lie- my favorite outfit for work, to go out in or just lounge around the house is a pair of jeans and a great Rock Tee. Because I’m in the biz, my closet is full of all sorts of music-inspired tops. My rock tees get the best shelves, and I even sort by color and sleeve length (yes, I worked at the LIMITED when I was in college- who didn’t). Anyway, I mix my tees with Levi’s, flats and a hoodie for the trip to the mall, movies or our local pub and it’s perfect. Not too much effort but still a cool ensemble. My favorite tees include anything BEATLES, Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Queen. Every now & then I go retro 80’s and wear Blondie, Iggy, or classic Madonna. Now I wish I hadn’t thrown away my WHAM concert tee (hey! don’t judge).
I love the new vintage washes that we offer in the store- the shirts look like I’ve have had them forever. And most of the tees are under $30- so it’s my guilty pleasure. My husband totally loves my job- since he wears a medium; he gets all the vendor samples. But when I travel to our stores, I can’t help buying more shirts for him. He loves the rock tees, but his absolute favorite that I’ve purchased so far is from the movie The Big Lebowski- “I don’t roll on Shabbas”- huh?? It must be a guy thing.

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I Miss Spring

February 6, 2008 at 11:11 pm (Maureen Lewis) (, , )

I am so ready for some warm weather! Seems our customers are as well. We have sold out of our fingerless gloves – who knew that would be a best seller. We don’t have much Outerwear left in the stores, and our lightweight jackets from TokiDoki, Harajuku and Junk Food are just hitting the floor. I love that the days are getting longer but I am sure we are in for a few more winter storms before it’s all over. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the great pastel tee shirts that signal Sping is near!


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FASHION in a Skater’s World

February 6, 2008 at 7:27 am (Maureen Lewis) (, , )

My buyers and I were in San Diego for the ASR (Action Sports) and Agenda shows over the weekend- meeting with some of our vendors including Quiksilver, Ambiguous, ZooYork and looking for new vendors to add to our STREET category. It really is our favorite show of the whole year. The mood was a bit more serious than usual, as beer wasn’t flowing until after 4 at the booths- the police were out in force making sure cocktail hour was enforced.

The vibe this year was much more gritty & dirty- the hot blonde Betty’s and surfer dudes were few & far between. Instead, both shows were packed with super-hip Asians (they can sport 3-4 fashion looks at a time and make it look effortless- in a good way), Motocross Guys, small independent buyers and Skaters. Jeans were tight and defied gravity- worn soooo low and without belts (how do those boys do it)? Everyone was sporting a cool hoody over a graphic tee and the skate shoe was the only acceptable footwear (although I did see some Reefs on a foot or two).


Believe it or not, we were looking at Back to School deliveries already- so I can share with you the hot trends that will hit our floors in late summer ‘08.

Red Buffalo Checks/Plaids- yes, Kurt made them hip and they are back in hoodies, jackets, shirts and even polos
Asymmetrical Details- Zippers and collars a little off the center
No more all over prints
80’s Neon & silhouettes is coming back for June/July delivery
Other strong colors- browns, reds, royal blue
Military details in woven shirts, jackets, coats
Fingerless gloves
Trucker hats (yes really)
Japanese Beanies
Details- cool zipper pulls, trim, hidden pockets, reversible, hoodies sewn into back of shirts, double hits, media pockets, fleece and appliqué.

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