Check out Costumes at Virgin Megastore from the movie Twilight:

December 1, 2008 at 6:55 pm (Times Square Store) (, , )

We’ve just put up some a new “Twilight” display at our Virgin Megastore Times Square of actual costumes worn by the Vampires in the movie. The costumes are displayed on mannequins with illuminated eyes suspended throughout the store as if they were flying around. There’s even a floating holographic projection screen showing clips from the film. The costumes include Edward’s pea coat; Bella’s outfit from when she’s flying through the forest on Edward’s back, as well as a fur pelt coat worn by the blood hungry Victoria. The display is up until end of next week. But in case you can’t make it there here is a video to show you a bit of the display along with some trivia questions for true Twilight fans:


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Team Edward or Team Jacob?

November 13, 2008 at 7:44 am (Maureen Lewis, Times Square Store) (, , , )

The success of the Twilight series of books by Stephanie Meyer took many by surprise. After Harry Potter, no one thought that there could be another fiction series that would excite a teen reader and create such a fan frenzy. Catherine Hardwicke was handpicked to direct the first movie “Twilight” and the secret was out- everyone is picking up the books and enjoying them. The movie opens November 21 and the early buzz is very positive. Virgin Megastore Time Square has some of the actual fashions worn in the movie on display right now. Twilight tees and accessories are available for a limited time in all stores, and don’t forget to pick up the awesome movie soundtrack with artists like Muse, Paramore and Linkin Park contributing. If you haven’t read the book, we offer all 4 at the store. My buying team is all hooked and they highly recommend the adventures & love story of Bella & Edward!

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October 2, 2008 at 6:30 am (Times Square Store) (, , )

Well…the blog torch has been officially passed along to me, Anita Finifrock, Sr. Marketing Manager. I’ve been part of the team for 5 years and proudly say we hold the best artist events at the Megastores! Our Field Team will be providing their first hand observations, starting with the Motorhead appearance at Times Square from Shane Smith. Feel free and send me questions or comments – I’m happy to hear from one and all. Rock On!

Motörhead fans descended on Times Square on Saturday, September 20th to meet members of the band at 6:00PM. Fans anxiously lined up early in the day after purchasing copies of the band’s latest CD, “Motörizer”. A short time after six god (aka Lemmy), and the rest of the band greeted fans for more than hour on the lower level of the Times Square store. It has been several years since the Times Square store held a Metal band signing and it was great to see the enthusiasm of the fans in attendance. Fans brought a variety of memorabilia, and also presented the band with various gifts including a bottle of Jack Daniels and cigarettes for Lemmy. It was an amazing event and thanks to the band for stopping by the store prior to their performance at Roseland that evening!


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August 26, 2008 at 12:10 am (Times Square Store) (, , , , )

I’ve been asked this question several times since we expanded a section of our Times Square store to make room for a special Warner Bros. DVD pop-up store. I guess I’m somewhere between “An American In Paris” and “300” — so I’m finding the 400 sq. foot interactive Warner Bros. 85th Anniversary store more like a mini-movie museum than a typical DVD – flip-the-bins type shop. The store is complete with a red carpet – and a huge flat screen that shows cool movie clips from WB’s 85 years in the moviemaking biz. Now all I need is a Lazy Boy recliner and a box of Red Vines and I might not ever leave. Come check it out for yourself…or click on this YouTube link to see a sneak peak.

BTW…what is your favorite movie of all time?

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July 1, 2008 at 6:28 am (Hollywood Store, Times Square Store) (, , )

So from the west coast to the east coast we helped celebrate the annual Pridefest celebrations! Up in San Fran we had a big Ford F250 outfitted with a sound system and fully decorated in Virgin flair. At 10am we hit the parade route driving behind Cyndi Lauper’s convertible on the parade route. The parade was a lot of fun – as our own DJ “The Voice of Virgin” Dave, did an awesome job on the back of the truck, hyping up Cyndi’s new album in between tracks that he played, and talking to the crowd. Our 4 Virgin staffers walking beside the truck also were key – they passed out swag bags and fliers to the parade crowds that screamed the loudest for us. Several times throughout the morning people came up to us or just screamed from the crowd, “We love Virgin Megastore!” The weekend provided many challenges for our Pridefest team – from flight cancellations, run-ins with the cops, taxi drivers who didn’t know their way around the city, and having to drive a Ford F250 in San Francisco with road closures – but most importantly it was a lot of fun for both our staff and the crowds. Below see pictures of Ms. Lauper and crowd, along with our own April Windsor showing off our Virgin Ford F250! Out in NYC it was also a great weekend as our Union Square store held it’s 2nd annual Pride Fest celebration to tie in to the city’s parade and events. We were happy to have Peppermint – Drag Queen of the Year back as our host again this year. See below for some pics of the event!


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May 8, 2008 at 1:18 am (Times Square Store) (, , )

Well Clay Aiken fans were out in full force last night as they descended on our Virgin Megastore Times Square – two days early to secure a place in line to meet Clay Aiken. Fans slept on the streets outside our store for two nights waiting for his arrival yesterday afternoon. Clay’s CD went on sale at midnight on Monday and it was quite the event for our friends outside. Hundreds of fans chanted as midnight approached in anticipation of purchasing “On My Way Here”. Multiple copies were bought by each fan making it a record breaking Clay Aiken fan night! Clay arrived at the Virgin Times Square on May 6th just before his scheduled 2PM signing from his busy TV appearance schedule in NYC. Clay Fans (not to be mistaken with the Clay Mates) clapped and screamed as he went down the escalator. We were only able to get the first 300 fans in to meet him, due to his packed schedule — however we look forward to having him back again in our stores soon. In case you couldn’t make it out – check out the video below.


Virgin VIP Winner Sulin Yao got the chance to meet her favorite star Clay Aiken yesterday at the instore. Sulin was very excited to have this opportunity and said, “I never win anything, glad I signed up for VIP!” It was a very exciting moment as Sulin and Clay had the opportunity to chat before he signed CDs for 300 eager fans. Clay even inquired about our VIP program and loved that we offer such a unique opportunity for our customer’s.

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April 9, 2008 at 10:33 pm (Times Square Store) (, , , )

In doing some research for this year’s Comic-Con NY I came across this Singapore Superhero – Batman Bin Suparman. In Singapore, English is the most widely used language and all names
are translated to English when their birth certificate is issued. It appears this young man was blessed with being named after two superheros: Batman and Superman. Don’t you wish you had
thought of it? Speaking of Superheros Virgin is fired up about hosting Marvel Comic’s Spiderman co-creator, Stan Lee. (Now he would be proud of Batman Bin Suparman, don’t you think?) Anyway
as part of this year’s Comic-Con NY we’re pleased to kick off the event with a reception and ceremony at our Times Square Megastore honoring Mr. Lee. Lee is best known for his creative masterpieces
The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, X-Men, Iron Man and Captain America and is being presented with the New York Comic Legend Award at 8 PM at the Virgin Megastore Times Square. We expect quite a turnout so
make sure to pick up your tickets early at Comic-Con NY will be held at the Jacob Javits Center April 18-20th. If you go…let me know if you run into Batman Bin Suparman.


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Scratch Nirvana. Oh Nevermind.

March 11, 2008 at 1:11 am (Hollywood Store, Times Square Store, Uncategorized) (, , )

So a couple of years ago we worked with folks at Epson and GestureTek, a digital signage company, to create this interactive floor display in two of our Megastores…one in our Times Square location and the other in our Hollywood and Highland store. The system projects imagery from the sleeve of Nirvana’s perennially popular album “Nevermind” onto a durable floor mat. It’s basic in design, but very unique to customers because as they walk across the mat or even just wave their hand over it, it instantly reacts to their movements…allowing them to manipulate the swimming baby in pursuit of a dollar bill. Anything from creating ripples in the water, make the baby bob in the water, make the dollar bill float around – or even activate a song sample from the album – all can be done just by walking across the mat.

Now to be honest – we thought it was time to make room for something new. After all we’ve had this screen in place since late 2005. But just a week before we were going to take it down, one of our managers noticed that the Nirvana baby had been the inspiration for quite a few recent YouTube videos. Little did we know that secretly folks had been coming into the store to make their own mini-movie of our interactive floating bambino?

All this to say – how can we break down the inspiration of a new YouTube Phenom?

So – we’ve decided to let it stay put for now…and in case you can’t make it out to the store check out the various clips below! The last one is my personal favorite…it has the best sound, if you ask me.

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Macy’s isn’t the only ones with Holiday Window Displays!

December 13, 2007 at 6:37 pm (Times Square Store) (, , , , )

Most of us have seen the historic holiday windows at Macy’s and the light show at Saks…well now it’s time to check out the HBO Holiday Windows at our Virgin Megastores. And here’s the best part….you don’t have to just be in NYC to see them. Monster Media created this really cool interactive campaign for the windows at all of our Virgin Megastores. It’s really fun to watch people walk by the windows and interact with them by “unwrapping” a present on the screens to reveal DVDs of The Sopranos, Oz, The Wire and other cool HBO Videos.

As a marketing vice president – I love being involved in new ways to entertain our customers. Oh, and in case you can’t make it to a Virgin Megastore before the holidays, here’s a link to show you the video.

Happy Holidays!


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Pop-Star Resurgence! Britney and the Backstreet Boys battle like its 1999!

November 2, 2007 at 5:24 pm (Hollywood Store, Times Square Store) (, , , , )

Is it me, or have we stepped back in time in the last 24 hours? Reporters are calling me to find out which of the “90’s Music Royalty” has a stronger fan base? What? Really? Well in the past 24 hours it seems fans of both the bubble-gum pop acts are showing up in droves to show their loyalty.

Fans camped out at our Times Square Megastore two days early in order to get the new Backstreet Boys CD and vie for a chance to meet them. It was incredible to see the energy of over 500 fans in a line that went all the way around 45th Street to 46th heading down and around 6th Avenue. (Too bad we didn’t get Dunkin’ Donuts involved – I’m sure morning coffee after a night of “City Camping” would have been well received!) So we handed out 500 wristbands to the first group of fans, which allowed them a space in line to meet the boy-band at the signing last night. We stocked our shelves with Unbreakable…and believe me; the band’s 5th album broke all kinds of sales records…and that’s only at one of our stores. Congrats to the band, and to you loyal fans – I’m sure you gave them plenty of reason to celebrate their 10th Anniversary.


If you’re needing just pure entertainment…check out these video clips:

Back in Hollywood… Britney fans apparently started spreading the word early that our Hollywood and Highland location was the place to be, to purchase her CD on Monday night. The word spread quickly…before we knew it we had press from every entertainment TV station and about 25 paparazzi press members at the Megastore’s front door. Over 200 fans waited in line pick up her album, including the now famous “Leave Britney Alone” reality star fan, Chris Crocker. Much to their delight the pop-princess herself showed up, dressed up in a witches costume, at the Megastore. Unfortunately, there were more photographers than she expected and so she took off. Awww…Brit, make sure you come back! You’re always a welcome guest at our store.

Meanwhile, check out the footage (courtesy of E! Online) of Chris Crocker in line to buy the CD.


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