Dirtbombs/TV on the Radio – Wiltern Los Angeles

November 11, 2008 at 7:01 am (Virgin Music) (, , , , , )

So I’ve never really understood the fanaticism that people have for TV on the Radio, but my friend wanted to go to this show so I decided to give them a try as ‘they are great live’ is something these fans keep on telling me.

I got there for the opening band, who I have been a fan of for 5 years or so but have never seen, The Dirtbombs…and they slayed me, one of the best sets I’ve seen this year. Mick Collins is the heart of the band, a 40 something black man who fronts the band, who are essentially a garage rock act with soulful vocals, with endless leg kicks, jumps and guitar antics. The band has two drummers who pound away in unison and a firecracker of a female second guitarist who rocks almost as hard as Mick. They just rock, killer riffs had me banging my head with joy, just simple really well played rock n’roll. They finished their set by leaving the drummers playing and the band packing up around them, by the end it was left with both drummers pounding on a snare and a bass drum after everything else had been taken off stage, then the guitarist took away their sticks. A great end to a great set.

So after that I was hyped up and suspected that TVOTR would not be able to match up…and I was right. I gave them a honest try though, we stayed for all of the main set. Their sound was muddy and it wasn’t the venue because the Dirtbomb’s sound was just fine. And the songs…well I just don’t hear anything that grabs me. But I had a great night anyway thanks to the Dirtbombs and good company.

Andrew Gyger
Sr. Music Product Manager


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Deadmau5 Live DJ set and CD signing

November 6, 2008 at 1:52 pm (Hollywood Store) (, , , )

While many celebrated our historic presidential election results last night, innovative DJ and producer Deadmau5 celebrated his own historic moment, the release of his debut album,Random Album Title at the Virgin Megastore Hollywood & Highland, where he spun for over an hour and was asked for an encore! Almost 300 fans came out to see him, turning our store in to a good old fashioned rave. Apparently pacifiers for those over 3 yrs old didn’t go out of style in 1998. J None the less, everyone had a great time, and most stayed afterwards to meet with him and have their CD signed, for a total of 230 CD’s sold. Thank you to Ultra and ADA for bringing us this opportunity, and to Crystal’s team, especially Matt, Chris and Alex for running the event right a long side me.


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Eagles of Death Metal at Hollywood and Highland

October 24, 2008 at 9:24 pm (Hollywood Store) (, , , )

I’m April Windsor, and I manage the regional marketing efforts for our California stores. My favorite part of the job is managing our awesome in-store events with artists from all genres. Check out our latest Hollywood & Highland concert below…..

Tonight we hosted a special live performance & signing with local favorite, Eagles of Death Metal. Eagles of Death Metal played an awesome show – Virgin Megastore Hollywood & Highland was transformed in to a real live concert venue! Not that this was the first time, but I was really impressed how the event came together tonight. The band proved to be a truly solid rock ‘n’ roll band, and were very personable with their fans, getting them pumped about the music from stage – they had everyone dancing! They started off the night with a 45 minute set, playing to over 150 fans. All of the band members thought the in-store was great and said they would love to come back any time, if we would have them. Very cool!

This event was in conjunction with the new Rock Star Games video game, Midnight Club Los Angeles, which our Hollywood store and Eagles of Death Metal are featured in. Fans had two options: Pre-order the game, receive 2 wristbands, pre-order the upcoming EofDM album, Heart On, and receive 1 wristband. With each pre-order, fans were given an Eagles of Death Metal poster and free 10” vinyl for the signing.

Thanks to everyone who helped put this event together, especially Rock Star Games, the H&H store team, and Fontana and Rocket Science for hopping on the bandwagon and providing the great GWP’s.


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October 3, 2008 at 10:00 pm (Hollywood Store) (, )

Hi everyone. Let me introduce Nicolette, one of our team. She helped make Hollywood and Highland THE place to be last week…


We just wrapped up a great event this past Tuesday with the glamorous Pussycat Dolls who literally took over Hollywood & Highland with a dominating performance in celebration to their newest CD release “Doll Domination”. The beautiful ladies made their grand entrance from Hollywood Blvd. to walk onto a pink carpet leading up to the courtyard onto the stage where hundreds of screaming fans greeted them. Fans followed them up and filled in the entire courtyard area and soon after, Pussycat Dolls gave them an eye catching performance that they wouldn’t soon forget. Every balcony of the Hollywood & Highland complex was filled completely and including the courtyard area. This was definitely the most packed I have ever seen Hollywood & Highland – with roughly 4000 fans in attendance! Following their performance they came into the Virgin Megastore Hollywood to sign CD’s for 600 anticipating fans who were cheering “PCD” while in line. Thanks to everyone at Universal, Matt, Crystal, and all who helped for this event!

Check out more photo’s at http://julieklima.com/pussycatdolls/


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October 2, 2008 at 6:30 am (Times Square Store) (, , )

Well…the blog torch has been officially passed along to me, Anita Finifrock, Sr. Marketing Manager. I’ve been part of the team for 5 years and proudly say we hold the best artist events at the Megastores! Our Field Team will be providing their first hand observations, starting with the Motorhead appearance at Times Square from Shane Smith. Feel free and send me questions or comments – I’m happy to hear from one and all. Rock On!

Motörhead fans descended on Times Square on Saturday, September 20th to meet members of the band at 6:00PM. Fans anxiously lined up early in the day after purchasing copies of the band’s latest CD, “Motörizer”. A short time after six god (aka Lemmy), and the rest of the band greeted fans for more than hour on the lower level of the Times Square store. It has been several years since the Times Square store held a Metal band signing and it was great to see the enthusiasm of the fans in attendance. Fans brought a variety of memorabilia, and also presented the band with various gifts including a bottle of Jack Daniels and cigarettes for Lemmy. It was an amazing event and thanks to the band for stopping by the store prior to their performance at Roseland that evening!


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August 26, 2008 at 12:10 am (Times Square Store) (, , , , )

I’ve been asked this question several times since we expanded a section of our Times Square store to make room for a special Warner Bros. DVD pop-up store. I guess I’m somewhere between “An American In Paris” and “300” — so I’m finding the 400 sq. foot interactive Warner Bros. 85th Anniversary store more like a mini-movie museum than a typical DVD – flip-the-bins type shop. The store is complete with a red carpet – and a huge flat screen that shows cool movie clips from WB’s 85 years in the moviemaking biz. Now all I need is a Lazy Boy recliner and a box of Red Vines and I might not ever leave. Come check it out for yourself…or click on this YouTube link to see a sneak peak.

BTW…what is your favorite movie of all time?

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August 7, 2008 at 2:09 pm (Uncategorized)

So we’ve uploaded the video to YouTube of thieves dressed in black breaking and entering our Hollywood and Highland location – maybe you can solve the clues and win a reward. http://www.youtube.com/VirginMegaUSA
The “bandits” have “stolen” our Virgin Mega Bird art-collection, designed by famed LA street graphic artist, David Browne. We’ve been told that the Birds are being held for “ransom” in three U.S. Cities: LA, San Francisco and NYC. So it’s time for you to play investigator and join in our scavenger hunt. There are 30 birds in total missing — we’re offering between $100 – $1000 reward for each returned. Hurry now. Time is a wastin’. Go to http://www.VirginMegaMashup.com to view the video and find the clues. To help rein in help from you all – we sent out our call sign… a la Batman style…with this 4-story projection of the Virgin Bird on Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd. Perhaps you saw it?

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Virgin offers “To Go” orders at Hollywood Megastore

July 29, 2008 at 8:03 pm (Hollywood Store) (, , , )

Not sure if you’re like me, but at times I loathe parking. It actually keeps me from venturing out to shop — well, okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration. However…we have been brainstorming a fun new way to make our DVDs, Video Games, CDs, books, etc “To Go” and are trying it out at our Hollywood Virgin Megastore. We all know that parking in Hollywood can be trying so now you can just call, email or fax your order into our store. In just a few minutes we will be waiting curbside with your purchases. Not too bad huh? We thought this might come in handy for studio execs or even the ever-busy LA shopper. When you call you just need to have your credit card, pick up time and make/model of your car and a Megastore Shopper will place your order and bring it out to you! To place your order you can:

Email: curbsideservice@virginmega.com
Fax: 323-469-9677
or call: 323-769-8520, ext. 2401

We start the service this week! We are only offering it at the Hollywood and Highland location for now — but try it out!

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July 16, 2008 at 5:17 am (Union Square Megastore) (, , )

Cool event today, I’d thought I’d share with you all. One of Union Square’s all time favorite customer’s, NAS, came to the Virgin Megastore Union Square to release his new CD, “Nas” for a special autograph signing today. Over 600 of his fans packed our store after waiting countless hours outside in line. He spent nearly three hours signing his CDs for the group. Check out the pics below. Great event!


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July 1, 2008 at 6:28 am (Hollywood Store, Times Square Store) (, , )

So from the west coast to the east coast we helped celebrate the annual Pridefest celebrations! Up in San Fran we had a big Ford F250 outfitted with a sound system and fully decorated in Virgin flair. At 10am we hit the parade route driving behind Cyndi Lauper’s convertible on the parade route. The parade was a lot of fun – as our own DJ “The Voice of Virgin” Dave, did an awesome job on the back of the truck, hyping up Cyndi’s new album in between tracks that he played, and talking to the crowd. Our 4 Virgin staffers walking beside the truck also were key – they passed out swag bags and fliers to the parade crowds that screamed the loudest for us. Several times throughout the morning people came up to us or just screamed from the crowd, “We love Virgin Megastore!” The weekend provided many challenges for our Pridefest team – from flight cancellations, run-ins with the cops, taxi drivers who didn’t know their way around the city, and having to drive a Ford F250 in San Francisco with road closures – but most importantly it was a lot of fun for both our staff and the crowds. Below see pictures of Ms. Lauper and crowd, along with our own April Windsor showing off our Virgin Ford F250! Out in NYC it was also a great weekend as our Union Square store held it’s 2nd annual Pride Fest celebration to tie in to the city’s parade and events. We were happy to have Peppermint – Drag Queen of the Year back as our host again this year. See below for some pics of the event!


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