Scratch Nirvana. Oh Nevermind.

March 11, 2008 at 1:11 am (Hollywood Store, Times Square Store, Uncategorized) (, , )

So a couple of years ago we worked with folks at Epson and GestureTek, a digital signage company, to create this interactive floor display in two of our Megastores…one in our Times Square location and the other in our Hollywood and Highland store. The system projects imagery from the sleeve of Nirvana’s perennially popular album “Nevermind” onto a durable floor mat. It’s basic in design, but very unique to customers because as they walk across the mat or even just wave their hand over it, it instantly reacts to their movements…allowing them to manipulate the swimming baby in pursuit of a dollar bill. Anything from creating ripples in the water, make the baby bob in the water, make the dollar bill float around – or even activate a song sample from the album – all can be done just by walking across the mat.

Now to be honest – we thought it was time to make room for something new. After all we’ve had this screen in place since late 2005. But just a week before we were going to take it down, one of our managers noticed that the Nirvana baby had been the inspiration for quite a few recent YouTube videos. Little did we know that secretly folks had been coming into the store to make their own mini-movie of our interactive floating bambino?

All this to say – how can we break down the inspiration of a new YouTube Phenom?

So – we’ve decided to let it stay put for now…and in case you can’t make it out to the store check out the various clips below! The last one is my personal favorite…it has the best sound, if you ask me.


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