Dirtbombs/TV on the Radio – Wiltern Los Angeles

November 11, 2008 at 7:01 am (Virgin Music) (, , , , , )

So I’ve never really understood the fanaticism that people have for TV on the Radio, but my friend wanted to go to this show so I decided to give them a try as ‘they are great live’ is something these fans keep on telling me.

I got there for the opening band, who I have been a fan of for 5 years or so but have never seen, The Dirtbombs…and they slayed me, one of the best sets I’ve seen this year. Mick Collins is the heart of the band, a 40 something black man who fronts the band, who are essentially a garage rock act with soulful vocals, with endless leg kicks, jumps and guitar antics. The band has two drummers who pound away in unison and a firecracker of a female second guitarist who rocks almost as hard as Mick. They just rock, killer riffs had me banging my head with joy, just simple really well played rock n’roll. They finished their set by leaving the drummers playing and the band packing up around them, by the end it was left with both drummers pounding on a snare and a bass drum after everything else had been taken off stage, then the guitarist took away their sticks. A great end to a great set.

So after that I was hyped up and suspected that TVOTR would not be able to match up…and I was right. I gave them a honest try though, we stayed for all of the main set. Their sound was muddy and it wasn’t the venue because the Dirtbomb’s sound was just fine. And the songs…well I just don’t hear anything that grabs me. But I had a great night anyway thanks to the Dirtbombs and good company.

Andrew Gyger
Sr. Music Product Manager


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