The Classic Tee

March 19, 2008 at 8:51 am (Maureen Lewis) (, , , )

I’m not going to lie- my favorite outfit for work, to go out in or just lounge around the house is a pair of jeans and a great Rock Tee. Because I’m in the biz, my closet is full of all sorts of music-inspired tops. My rock tees get the best shelves, and I even sort by color and sleeve length (yes, I worked at the LIMITED when I was in college- who didn’t). Anyway, I mix my tees with Levi’s, flats and a hoodie for the trip to the mall, movies or our local pub and it’s perfect. Not too much effort but still a cool ensemble. My favorite tees include anything BEATLES, Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Queen. Every now & then I go retro 80’s and wear Blondie, Iggy, or classic Madonna. Now I wish I hadn’t thrown away my WHAM concert tee (hey! don’t judge).
I love the new vintage washes that we offer in the store- the shirts look like I’ve have had them forever. And most of the tees are under $30- so it’s my guilty pleasure. My husband totally loves my job- since he wears a medium; he gets all the vendor samples. But when I travel to our stores, I can’t help buying more shirts for him. He loves the rock tees, but his absolute favorite that I’ve purchased so far is from the movie The Big Lebowski- “I don’t roll on Shabbas”- huh?? It must be a guy thing.


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